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Yesterday before the sunset I took a ride on a mountain bike and visited the old fortress to take a closer look.

Its purpose was to hide and protect people of the nearby village from warriors of the Ottoman empire in 16th and 17th century.

It looks impressive despite that its wooden parts and the roof are missing.


The impact of the missile was severe, although I don't know the time of its launch.

Or maybe there was just a mistake in the construction.


I hide my bike behind the bush and proceeded on foot.

The hiking trail was quite steep.


Inside the fort.


Nowadays the cave in the back wall is a shelter for the bats.


Spectacular view on the Adriatic sea.


A half-hour later yet another sunset remind me how fast time flies.

Two weeks of our vacation are gone.


This one is for the Saturday-Saturday contest.


After a long ride, the body needs some calories to recover.

Stick around, my friends, I'll try to find more interesting stuff for you.

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The sea from this place is looking fabulous through picture. This is the sweetest site for capturing pictures.

Wow, just great little castle


Such place should be use for tourist attraction. I wish to visit that place one day.

it is very beautiful photography! enjoy traveling

Cool... I want see this also :)
And cool cake :)

Neat looking fort. I bet that was a fun hike. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Impressive building. Where is this place?

What an interesting fortress, @oldtimer

A bit like the Crusader castle in Jordan )


It is in Croatia or Montenegro?

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👍 👍 👍 👍

Forts always been a good place to explore....and one on top gives you multiactivity

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An old building that looks so full of history. Is this close to where you live @oldtimer ?

Wow..very lovely lovely you

The fort is really ancient indeed @oldtimer and it would be great if they would rehabilitate it to make a good tourist attraction.

You know, I do not know what you felt to be there? I had the opportunity to visit a jail from colonial times, and the silence was so impressive that it dazzled you, and it was as if you expected some living being of the time to appear in the gloomy entrance, really impresses me very much those shots of the castle, that sunset as well you know captivates me. And really that the holidays have gone inexorably fast, but for me even being virtual I have enjoyed them a lot, thanks for that friend, @oldtimer

I'm glad you got a closer look at the fort. The third shot looking up the cliff is awesome. Looks like it was a great place to hide out with great views of the sea. You earned a well-deserved treat and even nailed the Caturday!

Love the hike, so thank you for sharing it with us.
One day I will have to go to Croatia and see this beautiful country myself.
It looks like you are really enjoying your stay and keeping busy.
Enjoy @oldtimer

Time is indeed flying. Yet another summer is nearly over. I wish there was a way to slow it down. Looks like a good way to get your energy back to me :) That was a cool adventure!

I love these types of buildings. It is so cool to see the history that a place has. In Nova Scotia, there is a fort called Fort Louisberg. It is such a fun place to visit. Thye actually run it like it is a functioning 1700's fort and it's a great tourist attraction.