Fish Picnic

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Today we get a visit from our friends and we had a fish picnic.

We eat and drink a lot and it's late. Just a few shots for you.


We bring the fish from Slovenia.




Sorry guys. I'm tired today and my head is empty.

See you tomorrow..


I'd use well favoured fish over meat anytime

For me is more like exotic food but they were really delicious. I grow up away from the sea.

Do not worry the important thing is that you spent time in friends with good food and now it's your turn to rest

By the way everything looks very good, happy night

Barbecued fish-- that's awesome! Been a long time since we've done that. And yes, sometimes you just need to let your brain go slack and simply relax... I think it's good for us all.

More and more with every year behind us.

That looks quite delicious, hope you enjoyed your catch...

I'm not skilled enough to catch my own fish. But luckily the local market is near.

@oldtimer, Woah.....These grilled fish increase my tongue feelings. You created me passion for drink and fishes. Chili pieces give spicy..Take bed rest and relax your mind.

Hello Friend how are you? fish picnic, very healthy grilled fish because you do not lose any of its nutrients
Have a nice rest!

hope you enjoyed the picnic, and that fish looks so yammyy

It was great and tasty too.

howdy there oldtimer! hey BBQ'd fish! that sounds awesome, I can smell that fish. great job, looking forward to more next time!

Looks like a great feast!
They look delicious. Have a good night @oldtimer

Thank you for good wishes.

It is very rich fish has a lot of proteins, phosphorus and a lot of nutritional value.

What I like about your trip, that you take care of your health, avoid excesses, do a lot of cycling, eat balanced and very nutritious diets, roasted fish is very nutritious, healthy and very light, and it is rich in vitamins, I admire that Despite the fatigue you set aside a time to share with your followers, tomorrow will be another day of adventures. greetings @oldtimer

Se ven deliciosos esos Pescados asados con vegetales @oldtimer

hum that delight to eat fish, I love it and fried it is exquisite to eat it on the banks of the river

I love making fish on the grill I see these fish and it brings back good memories of my trips I like to light a good fire and put some grilled fish as crispy as these and I already crave one

Your post today for a picnic with your friends to eat with friends and the fish is very tasty. @oldtimer deas.

@oldtimer wow! I feel like mouthwatering seing those fish.I love eating fish.hope you had a great night eating delicious fish.keep sharing.

That fish looks so delicious.
Lucky you.
Get some rest @oldtimer, tomorrow is a new day, new adventures and I can't wait to hear about it.

Stay tuned.

Looks delicious!

How delicious you see those fish! I'm glad you're having a great time on your vacation ;)

tasty food!

Looks delicious! Fried mussels with garlic and lime was my favorite food in Croatia :)

your delicious fish made me hungry ,thanks for sharing .

You're welcome.

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Having too much fun to do a long post? I think that is a good thing when you are on vacation!

You're right. My brains got a bit slow lately, hehe.
But I'll try to post some good photos.

I am always up for a good fish picnic. Those look delicious!! Do you know what kind of fish it was?