Eco Apples

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The fruits are ripe and ready to pick in the Slovenia countryside.

My today's project was apple picking. One single tree. Zero chemicals.

I was helping a relative, for fun only. I'm still on vacation.


How could you blame Adam?




My Eco tools.


And after.


Here's the final product.


My reward. Goods for labour.

Eco breakfast.


Steem Power is growing.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.


Looking awesome to apple of couple

Nature's candy. I would have told God to take Eve back and let me keep the apple... lol

I congratulate you because you are still on vacation, and so you could enjoy those apples and fruits free of chemicals, there is no better intake for the organism than a fruit breakfast, I like your tool to collect the harvest, I imagine the aroma of those rich apples It is a pleasure to enjoy the natural. greetings @oldtimer

Your apple is very sweet. In which I have seen the apple tree for the first time.

I love that old school tool. I've never seen one before but my dad says my grandfather had one :)
Wonderful apples, congratulations!

Increible @oldtimer como en Slovenia disfrutan de esas frutas tan frescas lo natural nos aporta tanto a nuestro organismo y gracias por las fotografias

I can't wait to try fresh figs and berries.

Excellent harvest look fresh and juicy, there is no better breakfast than freshly picked fruits, as always beautiful photos @oldtimer

Greetings from Venezuela!

howdy sir oldtimer! man those apples look good, I bet you worked for food this time didn't you? I would have too, wonderful pictures sir oldtimer.

Beautiful collection of natural ripe fruits...

Those apples look delicious to make apple pie! I also hope you have a good weekend Thank you for sharing :)

Agroecological fruits are better

apple is nice fruit!!
i like it.

Really.... Awesome dear friend oldtimer ...i love your photoshoot 📷😱💕

wow, I love your post, becouse I love eco food, I think we should promote ecological production.

Natural things are delicious and nutritious.

They look natural and delicious! Very nice harvest!

Delicious post!

I could eat apples all day....unfortunately apples do not grow in Nigeria. But it is imported though

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