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I'm here again after two and a half years. Impressed. The City is growing and they built a lot of new buildings and roads.


The desert tries to live its own life very close to the city. Sometimes wins sometimes loose.


Trees are struggling here like in Canada with the same temperatures, but one small detail; a short line in front the number. You guessed it. Minus in Canada.


Dubai is spectacular. Especially at night.


Don't forget about green Tuesday. Make a post.


Or participate in @julianks macro photography.


Water in the pool 28 and air 31 degrees Celsius on top of the Hotel we stay. Almost like in Heaven. What more a frozen Albertan could wish?


An ice cold beer from Russia?

Now we're taking.

Heaven, I told you soo

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I guess with that amount of wealth a city can flourish in any terrain. Antarctica oil expedition, anyone?

odlične fotke

Very nice photography. All picture looking so attractive

Dubai must be crazy to visit, every picture I see from that place is beautiful, they clearly managed their wealth from oil responsibly.

And with a vision.

Nestvarno lepe fotografije. Sjajno je to što vas putovanje nije izbacilo iz ritma. Hvala @oldtimer što redovno delite nove, zanimljive sadržaje.


Was the beer good? :D

Nice nice nice :) We can see that you are really having a good time. Enjoy your Dubai trip. I am going to Belgrade tomorrow for a longer weekend :)

Nice to see an active guy like you on steemit. Keep posting.

Thanks for your support!
I will keep posting don't worry :) I have my smartphone always with me and trying to catch a moment to share...

Wow, really amazing picture. I always wanted to visit this city. But unfortunately, because the daily busyness makes me have to discourage. 😎

Bella Dubai y las fotografías geniales.
Anexo una de los medanos de mi tierra Venezuela yque se parece mucho (Bueno esta fotografía nada más). jijijijjijijiji

Beautiful! I love the first shot of the desert taking over the road! Nice variety too I think you have a better camera and a better eye this time around. Hmm Baltika - never heard of it but looks refreshing!

I'm trying to do my best and it's nice to hear when people can see that. Thanks. Oh, and Baltika is good.

You always had the talent now with more technical know how!

Friend oltimer, I'm glad you're already resting, and I appreciate that you continue contributing your work to this community. Nice pictures. All the best for you and yours. I hope you enjoy your vacation. Best regards.

Ah some sunny warm weather. Fantastic and I have always been fond of a Baltika!

In Edmonton is still below zero and snowing. You can imagine how I feel sipping my morning coffee on the balcony at plus 20, he, he.

Lol, I totally can. A cold snap has returned here and the thought of sitting on a balcony is amazing!

Yeah i agree with you, even though I've not been there before, every thing I've heard and seen so far about Dubai has proved that the city is one of the best place to be, especially for vacation..... I wish to be there one day too... Keep enjoying yourself

Welcome back to UAE! :)

Thank you for the kind words.

You're most welcome Sir! :)

very beautiful! enjoy traveling !

There are snails in the desert? Crazy ;)
Whether they get along so well with the sand...

nice shots on the top 2👌

I see things from a different angle since I'm on steemit. Until now I was mostly using my old photos.

Dubai is such a great place! Plus your photos are skillfully taken, thank you for sharing this @oldtimer :)

Yallah Habibi , Welcome to Dubai :)

Thanks for sharing Dubai to us!

Enjoy your vacation! Looks lovely. We had snow again today here in Edmonton :D

38 this afternoon. You poor guys.

Wow!! Spectacular shots! They almost make me feel warmer!

I love Dubai ...
Hope someday i also visited in Dubai

I wonder if they have specialized sand plows for those highways.

Absolutely beautiful. I hope to visit Dubai one day. Thank you for sharing these photos @oldtimer.

I Love Dubai its amazing please do take a trip to safari desert you wont regret amazing experience