Bye Bye Makarska

in photography •  2 months ago

Three more hours are left before we leave this gorgeous place and start our journey North.

I was thinking about what to post today and went out on the terrace to get the inspiration.

I leaned over the fence and saw this:


What the hack?

I don't want to waste a precious time on BS.


Here's my last jump.


And my last beer in beautiful Dalmatia.

It's packing time, my friends.

Sorry, my head is empty.

Dalmatia; I'll be back.

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hah, the hat is great if you wear it .

Que mejor lugar que ese @oldtimer para relajarnos y encontrar una buena motivación para escribir en Steemit

Spectacular photo, I imagine you enjoyed many jumps in that pool that what you invite is to have a good time of relaxation, and it is not the last beer, that is the penultimate since many more will come thanks for sharing that intimate adventure of the pool That jump was spectacular. I am glad not to have to pack, I am very nostalgic to leave spectacular sites, I accompany them virtually in the trip to the north, greetings that God accompanies you. @oldtimer

Ozijsko🤤 Its not Lasko or Union , but still 🤤
P.s.: Are you coming in Slovenia?


haha! love the cowboy hat sir oldtimer! what a wonderful country and it was such a blessing to be able to share a little of it through your photos so thank you! God bless you and have a safe trip home!

I think of all that place I liked that pool, good jump to the pool, I would like to be there right now

Wow... very nice pool.

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I guess you had a nice time on your vacation, great views and wonderful pictures, it bin awhile my friend how are you buddy? I have missed a lot of your wonderful photography! @oldtimer

Well you did had some great memories on this place while this last jump sure was cool ;)

While hope you have a great time up North

I live right across the Ožujsko factory in Zagreb :D smells like beer all the time

I was observing for a moment the picture of this pool and I imagined there the truth is that it looks very cool I love it

Lovely place @oldtimer
I wish that I could enjoy some refreshing bath like that ah.

oldtimer, very good selection of photos to say goodbye to these wonderful days of vacation, each shared photo enjoy it as if it were my vacation, it is an incredible place and they enjoyed it to the maximum I hope that the trip back home does not have so many delays

This a very beautiful view... You must really enjoying your trip to #Dalmatia

Such a nice place is good for relaxation.. very beautiful looking...

Thanks for share. @oldtimer

amazing , ,

For a good friend. In which you can create data. It works like a steemit.

Beautiful tub... all good things must end... Cheers!

That pool looks nice as to relax after a tense week of so much work and a beer to enjoy the rest of the day! I hope to see more photos of the tour thanks for sharing :)

Wonderful place. I already want to go there )
You have a wonderful holiday.
Most wish to enjoy their holidays in such
wonderful country, @oldtimer

And to such a drink relies and tasty snack )


surely you tried them there-scampi

I love your photography..📷 dear friend oldtimer 👸

This pool is looking gorgeous and beautiful time on your vacation,grat viws and wondarful picture.I have missed a lot of your wondarful photography.

WOW!!!! What I would give to have that in my backyard. I don't think I would ever want to leave. All I would need is someone to serve drinks and I would become a shrivelled prune. LOL It must be hard to leave such a beautiful spot. What a wonderful vacation you have shared with us.

Nice, you were in Croatia :) I'm from there :)

a very gorgeous place it was bye bye lovely place