Bugs On Steemit

in photography •  6 months ago

We need to change a topic for the post from time to time.

Even bugs are preparing for the winter and I want to show you some of my summer macro shots of them before they hide.

I have nothing to add to these shots because I don't know almost anything about these critters.

Not even their names.







It's all relative in this world. Look how big is the grape seed in the ant's point of view.

Maybe the day will come when Steem will be as big in ours.

Keep stacking them Steem, like the ant on the photo.

Have a good one, my friends.

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Great pics. More often than not some of the smallest critters on our planet appear to be the most complex. Just a couple of interesting facts on insects.
-For every human on earth there are about 200 million insects.
-There are over 1 million species of insects.
-Insects have been occupying our planet for between 10 to 30 million years.
-The most prevelant insect is the ant.


Insects are more important than most of us realize.


Thank you for the informative comment.

@oldtimer ...omg..I have seen a lot of spiders, but this one. Just amazing find. The color white/gray with the stripes looks so toxic. Where did you found him? SLO or CA?


In Makarska, CRO.


Thanks for the info 🍀 Maybe, I will get lucky ✌️

The only thing I really like about winter is, there are not so many bugs around.


Good point, hehe.

Interesting shots. I find in macro shots the insects always look very cool.


You should check @marjanko's bug macros.


Thank you, I will!

Nice macro!



Is this really your own images? If this is yours, what kind of camera did you use? Sorry but I doubt for this image of yours.


All photos are my own work, taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and a little editing.


Thanks for confirmation. (^_^)

Hello friend, I tell you that there are many problems of the Internet, and it has been hard for me to read your good publications and open images, here I do not tell you that they are beautiful shots, but with the macro photography technique you can see the details that eye we can not know, see or enjoy depending on what we like about insects. I do not know the names of some here we call them coconuts, I think it's the first wasp, well I take this opportunity to post and send you a great greeting @oldtimer


Thank you for the kind words.

I hate wasps! Great photo. Great color contrast.

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Who doesn't hate them?

Awesome shoots




Thanks to you

That is excellent photography. the great work sir
Thanks @oldtimer
Have a nice day


Thank you.

Oh what some cute little bugs @oldtimer
Except the wasp, it is one little devil.

Wow brother, awesome insects, see them up close is interesting

Your photos are great and your thoughts too, friend @oldtimer ! We are ants in the universe, but we too can create great deeds ...
I like to travel with you and read your stories!
I would like to know more about you, so I invited you to this competition! Do you accept my invitation?



Hermosas fotos de esos insectos @oldtimer que buen trabajo realizas. Esa sera una Cucaracha que tiene forma como de caracol

OK. The spider is a little bit scary, but I love all the photography of all these bug.
I need to get myself a better camera so that I can capture all these tiny buys on my camera.
Have a great day @olditmer

For insect fanatics These photos must be wonderful! I'm not very fan of them but either way thank you for sharing it with us

Great macro shots...the bee on the blue is magnificent. Now is the best time to be staking!

sir oldtimer! how amazing to see these critters in such close-up shots, what a great job sir!