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Another brutal day up here today. It's snowing and minus 20 degrees Celsius and even lower temperatures are coming in the next days.
Time for more summer photos.


All photos are from our neighboring province British Columbia.

DSCN1546 (2).JPG

We took B&B in small touristic town Salmon Arm. It's very beautiful, but we didn't have much time to go into details.


It was a great experience to climb high up and look down on the lake after a couple of years living on the flat land.


After we saw these two guys on the slope I returned back to my old country in Europe for the second, but then this fellow pulled me back to reality.


DSCN1668 (2).JPG

Living with nature. This family for sure knows how it looks like.


When we learn at school about Canada many, many years ago a teacher told us about polar bears and hockey. Look what we also have here. The fruits are ripe in August, three months later than in Slovenia, but I couldn't find the difference in taste. They were delicious.

DSCN1673 (2).JPG

And you can see the vineyards in the background too. I was surprised. And wine is good, believe me.


You know Canadians. In Slovenia, we just buy a bottle and drink the vine. Here you get the instruction manual with the bottle like you buying some machine or something. But I'm sure even Canadians know how to enjoy it.

Cheers, my friends.


Loving those majestic photos. Btw, can you tell me more abut that dome house? I feel in love with it at first sight!

We make a turn to climb higher to get the better view of the valley and find it. It was a dead end and we didn't want to interrupt privacy. We just took a shot and turn back.

Great photo show again... can't wait for Spring to arrive! Winter should also have a label: "Try to enjoy safely!"

It's snowing and minus 20 degrees Celsius and even lower temperatures are coming in the next days.

My goodness that is cold.

I like that third picture of the tree overlooking the lake. Thought I might see a bald eagle hanging out on a limb.

I didn't see any until now. I'm not sure if they live here.

I'm pretty sure they do. We travelled through southern BC last summer. We made our way to Vancouver Island and then back. British Columbia is a beautiful province.

Here is where you can live a happy life , Everything exists ,,,, nature, natural eating, oxygen ,,,

Minus 20? That defines extreme coldness
The photographs are just super awesome

nature is beautiful and your shots are showcasing nature at its best.

Wow, this place is reflecting an real gem of nature because of the mountains, natural beauty reflection through pure greenery, animals and positive essence of nature, i think you are really blessed to live in this amazing place. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us.

Stay Blessed.

Nice summer pics, here in Montreal it's about -15 today too, nice to be reminded winter doesn't last forever!

You right. Just another two or three months to go. Stay warm, my friend.

One of my art patrons has invited me to Las Vegas in March - so at least I'll get to miss a week of the late part of winter lol

i cant say anything
but i have to say you have a powerful skill of photography.. keep going on.. its your inspiration

@oldtimer I Love this post and I am hoping in tasting one of those wines.i can't really imagine a temperature reading minus 20degree in the atmosphere,I may frick out if I am there.

we have the best beer hands down.

Both are good. Beer and wine.

well a beuatifull province British Columbia having much natural beauty speciall those family is living in fully nature and enjoy the naturaly life in this beatifull home and i its really intrest to see these fruits in winter also look fresh...hahah if i say true i dont drink vine or any ber so i dont know any thing about it
hope you are enjoying there in this cool beautifull place mr @joe

Amazing photos like always

It's a beautiful place. It is the beauty of the beauty which can embellish everyone by its nature.

Amazing photography..I appreciate blog..nature very nice..Thanks for share..

Uspeli ste da dočarate neverovatne prirodne lepote. Mnogi ljudi ne znaju da putuju, samo prođu, nemaju oko da vide prostor, nisu svesni okruženja. Voćkice su tako privlačne, prosto mame. Životinje uvek oplemenjuju. Pejzaži lepi... A poluloptastu kućicu svako bi poželeo.
Eh, @oldtimer, ne poznajem ni jednog Kanađanina, verovatno su fini, prijatni i dobri, al' ipak ne razumem to uputstvo? :) Toliko su odgovorni i predostrožni? I što bismo rekli, lako se čovek na dobro i lepo navikne.
I tako u svakom postu, spontana priča. Hvala, još jednom, što delite post i širite naše vidike.

They are really responsible and carrying. Thanks for the kind words.

it looks great and that is really cold in macedonia temperatures in the morning get up to -10 but the it changes to plus 15

The landscape is everything!!!

Wow... that "hemisphere roof" looks interesting?

I was just telling someone in another comment how it’s SOO cold here in anew York city , but you guys have it worse . Even in the cold , the bursts of nature is top notch

nice photography my friend ..

its cold ... nice photography

living with nature ...its beautyful..and dengerous tooo ..

Posts that attract friends with beautiful scenery ..

Nice to see some warm summer shots, I have had enough of this winter but what can we do but wait

a warmer day here today the temperate will almost climb up to 0 C

Friend @oldtimer shared beautiful nature photos. It's really like compliment. I welcome all your beautiful pictures.

Nice article. I liked the bottle metaphor between Slovenian and Canadian. We really do not need user manual for it. When we drink get so brave that we could stand up to this grizzly bear on the second picture.

few days ago my city temperature was 3 degree. i love winter season @oldtimer

very beautiful photos, one day I want to travel there.

The first photo Red in the green Looks amazing.

Nice live picture, I like snowing weather reason I am going to Russia,Moscow ,Latvia,Switzerland on this month 22nd Feb to watch maximum minus temperature in .I will match with your post and updated picture. I been to Russia las Aug'2017 attached is one pic.Thanks . Azam

For sure its really cold there but it's still a beautiful place to explore! That house in the woods is dope by the way!

1st picture is hotel before revelstoke looks really cool when drive by at night for the first time wtf is that!

Beautiful, how's the hiking up there?

Beautiful pictures; I know I always long for summer in the middle of winter as well. :) This last week here in WA though, it!s been 66 deg. Fahrenheight!! I’m worried my fruit trees might bud out too soon... :-/

beautiful live in a great place cold or not.

As a BC'er we do live in a wonderful space and I appreciate you capturing these moments in time. Out on the west coast its been raining for 2 weeks so through your pictures I'm feeling the sun and the warmth of the day. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful pictures!

Salmon Arm is a great place and I love the Okanagan Valley for its surprisingly amazing wine selection.
Where else in BC did you get to go travel?

Beautiful! Missing Summer :)

While we were over in Canada a buddy of ours who had been to Australia surprised us with Coopers Sparkling Ale! There was something special about drinking our best beer in such amazing Canadian scenery!! Check the vlog:


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