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I took soo many good photos yesterday and I want you to see them. The problem is that I don't have a reliable internet connection and posting on the phone is not fun.

The second peak I climbed has a strange name even to me. It has an important role in the first world war.

Unfortunately, my fingers are too big for phone's keyboard to explain you more details, but I hope you'll like the photos.


Flowers don't suffer from vertigo.


There are still a lot of structures from the war despite harsh weather up here.


Caves are now a shelter for sheep when the storm comes.







The view on Krn from the other angle.


The flock of sheep on Batognica.


Voulters are always on watch. Just in case if somebody falls over the cliff.

Don't be that sheep.

See you tomorrow, my friends.

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Good to hear that these caves are still used.. but I think it becomes scary at night is it?

haha! howdy sir oldtimer! hey these photos are amazing, that looks so high up there! you must be able to climb like one of those mountain goats!

Hello Oldtimer, you always take a smile from my lips, hahaha you have very big fingers to post with the phone. The wall with flowers simply exquisite, I am impressed by how well framed you are, that you can see a beautiful landscape from the clouds, worthy of being painted by a Bohemian painter. The structures that remain of the wars are very eloquent, I think I have told you that when you visit places with stories the silence causes you to go back mentally to think how a war developed there, grateful for allowing me to fill my mind and heart with so many images, that I never get to think that in the twilight of my life I was going to know so much beauty through my friends from steemit, I really enjoy watching your publications, love for that, greetings, very important the reciprocity to answer the messages make me proud @oldtimer

Very beautiful capture @oldtimer .. thank for share those historical mountain with us as part of journey to Slovenia, those mountain really looking great, I bet that cave served as shelter at the time of the war!!! Which is now turn to sheep shelter..
About posting on phone not really fun, but pictures tells alot about our beautiful captured...

Thanks for share for once again.

Hiciste un excelente trabajo @oldtimer con esas fotografias las de las Ovejas me gustó mucho

Photos are great. The weathered stone does look ancient.

The photo with flowers is stunning! I've never been to Slovenia but I'm originally from Slovakia and many people mix that up, lol. So sometimes I just let them and pretend I'm Slovenian :D

How long are you staying there?


About two weeks, but it depends on the weather.


Will you spend all your time in mountains? I wonder why else would it depend on the weather...

very beautiful place! enjoy traveling

Brother, how are you? It is very uncomfortable to publish from a phone but you did well the photos are great you can see that you care to offer very good content on your blog, you like photography and I like to admire those who take the time to make good shots
I have three great photographers that I admire @cyclamen @penctinton and @oldtimer

All the photographs are awesome..
But i like 1st photograph of flower more....

what a creativity!! lol

That first pic of the flowers is amazing!!

The 5th photo stimulated me to find out more about the Julian Alps. Thanks to your brief information, at least I have known about Italian caverns on Batognica.