Back In Slovenia

in photography •  2 months ago

Busy day again. More than 8 hours and almost 700 km.

Early morning in Ljubljana and then further west.


The capital of Slovenia is beautiful. We just pass it today but we'll be visiting it again for sure.





I need some sleep, guys.

See you tomorrow.

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These different clicks of city is really admiring and nice..


agreed 😍

you always have a busy day , have a good rest .


yup he is quite energetic as well as busy man 😍

wonderful city

I hope to visit Slovenia

howdy sir oldtimer! Sovenia looks marvelous, so much culture with a rich heritage and wonderful sites to see but get some well deserved rest!

Good morning.. Nice.. Like my post.. 😀😀😀

Thank you for sharing the beautiful Slovenia with us and looking toward seeing more of it.
Hope you get the rest you need, to enjoy the rest of your trip.
Have a wonderful weekend @oldtimer

700 km journey more then 8 hrs, Great experience man 👍 Nice visit in Kapitol

Cool photographs. Good job.

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La Arquitectura que nos muestras de Slovenia es muy bella @oldtimer, esperemos muchas más fotografias tan bellas como estas en los próximos dias

Beautiful clicks dude.

In a word, Slovenia is the beautiful country in Europe. The infrastructure here is nice and safe. Have a good time.

Wow...beautiful photography

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Dobrodosli doma ;)


@oldtimer these pictures are have shot really interesting pictures.keep sharing.

Cool city... soon I try go look it also and make some street photography :)

wow. amazing photography!

I love the architecture in Europe and these pics from Slovenia show it so well. The curved and rounded edges to building and tops are so unique. You must be tired after all that travelling. How long until you head back to Canada. Seems like you have been away more than home in the past 4 months. It's great!

You sure were welcomed with great views by the way :)

Hoping to see some of the adventures of yours in Slovenia :)

should be named young timer with all the traveling you be

Hope you will have a blast back home buddy! I don't know if I dare to invite on trojanski krof ? If you'll head east as well. :)

Europe is characterized by its rich architecture and Slovenia is a sample of it because what it shows us of this city is simply beautiful, and I am very happy to admire such beauty. waiting calmly to share more excellent shots of Slovenia @oldtimer

Wow are many miles to go in such a short time! The photos of the city look amazing thanks for sharing

ohh that would have made you tired ... 700 kms omg .... and 8 hours tiredd

Busy day again. More than 8 hours and almost 700 km.