At The Barbershop

in photography •  2 months ago

We woke up to the cloudy morning today, with the temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Perfect conditions for my daily bike ride.

All our visitors are gone and there is nobody to hold me back. I did well over 100 km so far and although it doesn't seem much, these km were tough.

Steep gravel roads at 30 degrees. Hell.

No downhills today. An easy relaxing ride.

Climbed up to the village 5 km. An easy task for the worm up. I saw the town Tucepi way down by the seashore.

Should I take a ride downhill?

Coffee and donut? Beer?

My brains say:

NO, hell NO!

Don't do that, You gonna die!


I can take some good shots for the post.


See the sunrise,


or the beautiful old town,


and remote village.


Or a real oldtimer honking down the promenade.

My brain says NO!

It's not worth the pain.

Then I got a great idea and an excuse.

I could do a haircut.

5 km of fast ride downhill in 3 minutes. Awesome.

Wind in my hair for the last time before the barber's machine starts buzzing.

When I was almost there, the church bell starts to toll and I got a strange feeling something is wrong.

In a split of the second, it hit me.

IT'S A F........ SUNDAY.

And I checked. Just in case.

Working hours:

9 am - 5 pm Monday to Saturday.

I was so pissed I didn't even stop for a coffee or beer.

Just turn my bike and hit the road to hell. My brains punished the body. 5 km uphill without stopping or walking.

Well, as you can see I survived.

Maybe my hair gave me the strength like to Samson.

Maybe I'm lucky it's Sunday after all.


It was a tough day and here is my reward.

Tomorrow is No haircut Monday, for sure.

Stay tuned, my friends and learn.

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This area looks so beautiful. Your second capture is very nice.

this bike is really funny , different from mine !it must run fast i think. 自行车.png

Beautiful sunrise shot! The oldtimer bicycle is awesome too... how about taking that on the downhill ride. That's too bad about the barbershop closed on Sunday but that's how it goes in Europe. I think you should have still had the beer though... if the bar was open? That jacuzzi looks comfortable.


In Balkan don't like to work on weekends but they drink 24/7. I got spoiled in Canada.


Ha ha yes!

Awesome photography, very beautiful place. I love your photigraphy

Hello friend, very good shots, the league of colors of the vegetation with the blue of the landscape, the white of the clouds all add up to form a beautiful landscape worthy of being admired. The photograph of the old town is spectacular, your comment makes me laugh, the hair gave you strength like Samson, every day we learn something new from your hand, thanks for that. @oldtimer


Thank you for your effort to promote steem and steemit.

Wonderful sceneries ❤
sky is beautiful; It looks great! The colors are awesome ❤ amazingly fresh feeling. Amazing work.

Seems like the day went out pretty great for you buddy :)

Some hard times but they sure were worth it ;)

The Sunrise was indeed one of a kind image

The view of City is indeed amazing :)

Lovely shots buddy !

Liked the man cycling image by the way

This is a beautiful moment.

howdy sir oldtimer! I'm so glad you pushed yourself and got those wonderful picture for us, great job you deserved that hot tub!


Thank you.

Quite a ride and the trip was again really fulfilling @oldtimer and the jacuzzi just makes everything perfect.

nice pic's

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Wow awesome.

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched- they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.