A Glimpse To The History

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It looks like a lot of people like my yesterday's colorful post. Because of that, I decided to make another post on the same topic.

I'll show you a couple of photos which show us a bit more about old and interesting culture.

I think that Canada is doing a good job to support and promote its history and at the same time allowing the new and different people to come in the Country.

One can always do more but I'm not here to judge.

2013-07-14 00.01.38.jpg

Tourists from all over the world come every year to see the things which they only familiar from John Wayne's old Western movies.

2012-06-23 20.58.241.jpg

Horses had an important part life of the native tribes and they still are.

2011-06-20 19.04.491.jpg

Bison is the icon. Probably the most important piece of a puzzle. Somehow they managed to preserve them. They're live in the national parks only, but their numbers are increasing.

2013-07-14 00.02.40.jpg

Here is just one use case of a bison.


Art and spirituality have a big role in the life of the native people.


These men were real and not just some random names from the spaghetti Western.

2013-07-13 23.59.46.jpg

The tipi was used by Indigenous people of the Plains in the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America. A tipi is different from other conical tents by the smoke flaps at the top.
I copied this sentence from Wikipedia because I don't know how to describe these tents.

2013-07-13 23.58.46.jpg

If you want to know more about this topic you can always ask uncle Google about it.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

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I personally do not call them tribes. I call them a nation. thanks for sharing sir

That's I mentioned in my yesterday's post. It's tricky nowadays. People are to sensitive and weight every word. But on the end we are all hypocrites. You shoud read some @kyriacos's posts.

a very natural show.

everyone hass defferent cultures. we must respect all of them....
very nice photography .... and nice post. @oldtimer

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

photography is a good friend, culture canada is very beautiful yes. I upvote and resteem yes

very nice post and nice photography

Awesome post....upvote done... @oldtimer
images (1).jpg

To hear Canada supports multicultural activities, it feels good..That's really great. Its always good to know that Country like Canada is trying to make this world a better & beautiful world. Man your travel diaries are amazing. Literally loved it. Following you since i joined steemit.Nicely described with awesome photos.
I will upvote & resteem this post.

I still can't believe, you visit my Blog & give my post a upvote. Thank you so much for that. This means a lot to me.

Upvote Done & Nice Looking Content Dear :)

Hey @oldtimer, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

It's very interesting! It's great that Canada is such a peaceful and friendly country that honors its history and culture. Celebration chic. And the nature and amazing landscape of your country is just gorgeous! I also love that everywhere the purity, and the photographs of nature and urban photographs. So Canadians really care about their nature and country.

Nice post friend

Today your Photography best

very nice photo

good looking,excellent photography
thanks for sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Of course everybody will like these lovely photos, because they are very unique. It looks like a very big event and the animals are very beautiful. Nothing better than living in nature and enjoying the real meaning of life.
Nice shots !

It looks so relaxing and interesting. I could spend whole day just walking and having fun. :)

good history ,, I really like the thing about with history ,, the continued success of friends @oldtimer

Great post, I love the bison.
What a majestic animal hehe
Very cool location!

these are all pictures with very interesting colors, and these pictures are very good.

Bison is one of the animals I would love to see in real life @oldtimer. I think preserving history is a good thing to any nation for it reminds the people not to forget what the effort our ancestors did to get us where we are now. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos too. They made me smile :)

Good.. very cool i like your Photography

Amazing Photography click ,
culture canada is very beautiful.
I unvote & resteem ""yes""

Wow, photography is very good freinds

Where location brothers ? @oldtimer

Nice to see all these about Canada. She is the country I want to visit after College. I hear they're friendly too.

Bison... people eat that thing?? Am really surprised as it has the default appearance of looking scary.
Other pictures are so impressive and i do trust that sweet life is in Canada.

It's a cow.

The teepees are so cool and the bison out for a stroll... very interesting photographs!

your thinking is right,
nice post dear @oldtimer

Loved the post :D

It looks very authentic.. I wonder how it could be to overnight in those tents..

Nature took care of everything so much that you find everywhere, what to learn.

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I love those tents!

We have few different tribes around my parts that do a lot to preserve their history and traditions. There is an amazing canoe journey they do every year. Hundreds of boats join the journey and stop by each coastal tribe between northern BC and California. Simply amazing to witness!

Nice to hear that.

That is interesting to learn more about the traditions and life of the native people of Canada, that is really a great tradition even in respect to them and for young generation. Few of my friends and colleagues from work visit Canada very regular, they love to be in winter but this time we had our own snow in Scotland for few days. I love Quebec with its nice restaurants and locations.

The bison have a funny head if you ask me. But it does seems that you got his attention! :)

Awesome pictures!
native tribes are so interesting. the whole culture of all of them.
would be nice to see more of them :)
also what do you think of my oldtimer?
greetings from germany :)

Thanks for sharing. You are keeping history very much alive.

When I look at the photo and read the post, I have a desire to visit this country! Thanks for sharing!

excellent photography

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Beautiful.... I am Ojibwe from Canada and we built a Tipi on the shore of Lake Superior.

We stay there every summer. Thanks for this post.

Excellent photography @oldtimer nice post

Wow amazing
It's very exciting! It is top notch that canada is this kind of peaceful and pleasant . That honors its records and culture. Party sublime. And the character and terrific landscape of your us of a is just splendid.

Its nice to know more about history so I loved to see the tipis, the animals and the culture of the native people Is a jewel for the world heritage.

Congratulation @oldtimer !
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Very nice...