Green Thursday

in photography •  3 months ago

For today's post, I decided to prepare a collection of photos with the green topic.

Despite the heat and dry summer climate, the green color is present on every step in nature.

Otherwise, it's always an option to find some artificial green items.


Parasailing is a hit in Makarska.

Through the whole day, you can constantly see at least one of the adventurists in the air.


Here is a different kind of sport. Climbing.

But you must admit that the pine branches are vivid green.


Permanent spice supply on the terrace.

In Canada, I can get rosemary only in small bottles on the shelf of the grocery store.


Ecological grapes with healthy seeds growing on the same terrace.

We are lucky with timing. It's ripe and sweet. The only problem are wasps but we reach some kind of agreement.

One sting per day was my offer.


St. Peter on guard.

Day and night.


Night swimming is my favourite.

I prefer the blue color, but today is time for the green color challenge.


Anti-mosquito equipment is mandatory if you want to spend a great evening outdoor.


Just a green photo for the end.

Another summer day is gone. September is near and we should be thankful for every day.

Stay calm and steem on, my friends.

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Nature is really a great blessing.

I love the blue and green colors on your photos.
So beautiful.
I have actually never tried night, pool swimming before, but it does look very inviting.
When I get my own beach pool one day, I can definitely enjoy it then.

Your green is very spectacular. In which the person climbs on the mountain.
Great @oldtimer

Hope you not referring to the green mountains at the back drop 😉
Trully amazing and awesome beauty of the water and the parasailing boat..👌

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Hope you not referring to the green mountains at the back drop 😉
Trully amazing and awesome beauty of the water and the parasailing boat..👌

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Btw ..loved the last is comon in my post as well...
Stay calm and steem on !..👍

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howdy sir oldtimer! never a bad or boring shot from your photos, always perfection sir! If I was there I may never leave!

I would like to try these grapes, they look very juicy :)

Hermosas fotografias @oldtimer. Gracias por mostrarnos las bondades de Croacia y sus virtudes para los visitantes de tan bello pais

Seems like you did gathered both natural and artificial collections of Green for today ;)

Like the swimming pool buddy ;)

the grapes are my favorite fruit XD! and Anti-mosquito equipment looks like a pice of art. reat photos!

Indeed thankful for the good things that are ours to enjoy. From the photos you have many blessings to enrich your life. Thanks for sharing @oldtimer.

The green parasailing boat is a nice touch! You always have some surprises in your color challenges... I like the rock climber, statue, pool, and mosquito repellent coil... ha ha!

@oldtimer, First one most attractive to me. Other once also terrific quality indeed. Glorious vision you have to take blaster photo clicks.

always love nature. its always give you back.
i also like para sailing.

And I like swimming at night. )
When lying on your back you see the starry sky.

Great footage, @oldtimer

And St. Peter impressed!

and the first picture very much,
because I love this color very much.

I'd love to fly like that, too. )
Wonderful pictures open ...

Wonderful greens all around. Love that parasailing photo, @oldtimer, it's no wonder you have chosen it as your featured photo of this post.

autumn day is coming , have fun every day .

The pool with the green lighting is so cool. That would totally enhance the experience. I have always wanted to Parasail but have yet to check it off my bucket list.

Nature always gives amazing things. Nobody sees god but I think our nature is our god. Always I love nature. And your capture is too nice. Thanks to u.