Easy Saturday

in photography •  5 months ago

Saturday as usual. We have nothing special in our plans for today but we'll find something for sure.

One of the benefits of the internet era is that you can get the information immediately when you need them.

You just go online and search for whatever you want. I usually open the CBC website where every Friday is an article with the title: ,,What to do in Edmonton this weekend.''

In the city with a million people is always something happening. Indoor or outdoor. Especially in the summertime.

But let's not go too fast.

Here are some fresh photos from last week. We all enjoy a green nature up here and spend as much time outside as possible although mosquitoes are biting like crazy. But that's the part of the deal.


Some owners pay a lot of attention an effort into their front yards.


I saw this one in the winter and I almost didn't recognize it now.


Nice combination of grass and bricks.


Golf is sports No#2 in Alberta.

Well, if we count hockey like a sport.

As I noticed, it's more a religion for most of Canadians.


Say hello to the old tree.


My macro attempt for this week.

It looks more like a quicksilver than water.


It was just an average bridge to me until I read the memorial plaque. It has a name by the soldier who got engaged on this bridge and after that got killed in Afganistan war.


Another old beauty.


A boat on the North Saskatchewan River with threatening clouds over the city.

Oh, I find an interesting event to attend this afternoon.

Stay tuned.

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Hello, I am new, I loved your photos, they are wonderful pictures, I follow you

Wow wow wow
This is so so amazing work.
You are really good photographer

looks like a paradise

I started thinking how you take care of your environment to keep it beautiful like this

Beautiful. I miss green. Hockey is also a religion to a few Americans as well (; Game 3 in a couple of hours!

Nice shots, calming, relaxing

Very pretty houses and gardens @oldtimer. It looks to be a very pretty part of the world. I wouldn't fancy the mosquitos though! 😁

Fantastic photography @oldtimer.
I love your work, great..!

Very pretty houses and gardens @oldtimer. It looks to be a very pretty part of the world. I wouldn't fancy the mosquitos though! 😁

wuao todo esta realmente hermoso, me encanto despertaste en mi una envidia de no poder estar allí
es fantástico las fotografías se ven genial

heloo old tree,
ours locality has a lott of mosquito its really bitting dangerous,
by thee way the photogrphy are awesome

Those photos are great, I would pay the price of mosquito bites, just to enjoy all these wonderful views.

Beautiful photos, the environment is really cool for relaxation but the mosquitoes will just spoil the good time

Now no matter which day, what you want you have that in your hands through your mobile phone, and these pictures are so refreshing, and yes so much effort in front yard and in my opinion everyone tries to make their entry so beautiful. And what i really liked is the tree and those add on stuff literally made this tree living and it gives message too and that message is don't cut trees because they also have the emotions. Macro photography is reflecting so breathtaking and that water drop is working like an lens and it reflecting the details of that leaf. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Looks like a very beautiful place. I'm a city person (nyc), but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live and settle down in a neighborhood like that!

Nothing compares to tranquility,
If your aim was to peace the mind of a distressed or unsettled, you did a good job at that.
Looking at this picture alone can take one to the dream land of Edmonton and back at will.

enjoy the beautiful nature and green be the main for the existing busyness and fresh ward, you have given @oldtimer

enjoy the beautiful nature and green be the main for the existing busyness and fresh ward, you have given @oldtimer

Millions of people connect together in the era of the Internet. And find the information of everyone sitting at home. It also has many benefits.

Wow I love the pictures! They look too beautiful the houses, the scenery feels nice and cool, it's a very quiet environment, I'd really like to go to Canada :D

"Interesting event" coming... oh can't wait. I like the macro shot of the leaf with the water drop I think the leaf is much smaller than it appears because water molecules only act like this on a tiny scale. Great photos of the neighborhood, the bridge and the river but I think you have to renegotiate the deal with the mosquitos! Ha ha!

I think this post very helpful


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Muy buenas fotografias @oldtimer y de verdad Canada es un paraiso, la foto del rio es maravillosa.

You have a blessing saturday. Your photo results are amazing with their own meaning.

my favorite is the combination of grass and bricks that implies a journey full of struggle but there is always beauty in the struggle

Prelep prelaz od zelenog do plavog. Zelena opčinjava na svim slikama. Staza je posebna, kao i travnati i cvetni tepih na prvoj slici, rasveta, elementi u dvorištu. Posađeno cveće, ljudi vole slične lepe stvari, bilo gde u svetu. Jedino je priča o nastradalom vojniku i nazivu mosta potresna. Prvo me je zbunio prevod kapljice vode, putujem uvek grupno zbog jezičkih problema. Stvarno liči na živu, a i insekti su tu. Poslednja slika, pravi foto finiš. Hvala vam na objavi.