in photography •  2 years ago

This is one of my favourite reflection photos, but it is in colour, as it should be, so I can't enter it into Daveks' photo contest.

I'm showing it anyway:

Olympus XZ-1, 50mm, ISO100, f8, 1/125s

Thanks for watching!

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Nice one ;) Me like a lot ;)

why don't you make it black and white? it is lovely shot. 😃


I doubt it would look as good in black and white as it is in color :)


I usually make the decision on colour or B&W before I take a photo, and I rarely change my mind. Some subjects aren't as suited for B&W as others and I think they shouldn't be forced into it just because you can 8-).


Thank you.

Apart from the slight distortions of the reflection of the tree, it doesn't look like water ~ So the leaves appear to be alternating between floating on water and then on air ~ For me anyway, and I love images that play with your mind like that @ocrdu.


So do I; a few seconds of confusion is nice 8-).


Super Top

Super Gorgeous !!!!!!!


Thank you!

This shade of blue is very appealing. I really like this frame. Thank you for showing this option.


Glad you like it!

great photos Resteem me and I will do Resteem your post !

Great shot. Think you're right, wouldn't work so well in monochrome. But maybe...


Magnificent photography.


Thank you.

love the photo!

I had to look at it twice or three times to actually see it. A sky like that deserves to stay blue.

I'm looking again and it still has an optical illusion fully intact.


Good to hear it works 8-).

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Definitely a mind bender.

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Very Cool :)