New Place To Call Home 🏠

in photography β€’Β  4 months ago

Soooo the reason for my absence this last month was me moving to a new place. 🏠🀩

So far we managed to make the new house feel more like home than the last one.

Actually, we got a nice clear view of the Carmel mountain ridge and we get a lot of cool winds so it's not so hot even for this time of the year.




Also, we got a colorful vitrage window in the living room πŸŒ„


As you can see the girls already feel at home πŸ˜‹


And we planted a tail in the porch 😜


I think I'll go explore some of the surrounding areas which include the Kishon river bank and a part of Tiv'on's forest 😎

Until next time 😊🀘


LG G6+ Cam

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Lovely place. Nice environment and cool house. But hope there's no record of flooding because of the mountains when it becomes rainy. U need to be sure it wouldn't flood.


Tnx for the warning 😊 I think I'm all set and my hose is flood insured as well.

Nice and sweet home


Thank you darling πŸ˜„

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wow.. it's beautiful... it's peaceful i bet there..


Thank you dear 😊