Zebras at the Lion County Safari in Florida

in photography •  20 days ago

The following are a series of photographs of zebras that I took while visiting the Lion County Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida. All photos were taken with my Canon 7D, and an EF 100-400mm lens.

Zebras seemed to be the most plentiful animals in the entire park. Of course that is just a guess from my observation that particular day.

I love the way that their hair grows in a sort of natural mohawk! It has always intrigued me the way that different animals have such varying lengths of hair. I wonder why zebras grow these short manes, while horses can grow some pretty long luxurious locks.

The zebras seemed to be quite docile and spent the entire time grazing and wandering around the field. One thing I really love about the Lion Safari is that the animals have such a large area to explore. This is a proper animal preserve! They have tried to set it up as much like their natural environment as possible.

I often wondered while driving around the preserve what the animals must think of all the cars driving by all day. To them, this must seem like a natural part of their environment! Perhaps someday we'll be able to ask them... Who knows?

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Wow Sweet dude, super clear photos, that canon7D is great! Oh... and the photographer of course 😜

Glad you had a good one, and I’m loving the last pic of the zebras looking right at the camera - so symmetrical down the head! Crazy how those stripes form... nature ey! Always blowing my mind!


Thanks! I love the camera, but I am due for an upgrade. It is the first version of the 7D which is over 10 years old. I think I want to get the 5D or 6D next time.

Yeah, the stripes are really cool, they look like war paint!

Love to see all the zebra pictures.

It looks like you are back on steem with full attack .

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I am trying to be more active again! I'm glad you liked the pics.

They are not afraid at all. They are already accustomed to visitors. Excellent beautiful photos


Yes, they pretty much ignore the people as if they are background noise. haha

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