6th July: World Kiss Day. HISTORICAL KISSES

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58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds: this is the world record "more longer kiss", made by a Thai couple.

Kisses are always celebrated by art, music and literature.

Catullo bagged her girlfriend Lesbia to give him "one thousand kisses, than one hundred, one thousand again, and one hundred again".

Emblematic are 2 kisses in art history:

1) Francesco Hayez "Il bacio"

2) Gustav Klimt (Der Kuss)

Even cinema has given us unforgettable kisses, from great classics to contemporary movies. So here are some of most beautiful kisses.

1) Ghost (Jerry Zucker)

2) Via col vento (Victor Fleming)

3) Spider-man (Sam Raimi)

4) Titanic (James Cameron)

5) La dolce vita (Federico Fellini) <------- my favorite


interesting post, great job, thx for sharing

Very good post, good work

Upvoted followed. Klimt is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Much Love @notonlyfood

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