Photos From A Day In My Life : Early Wake-Up And A Landslide

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Was woken up early today at my village, where I had reached late last night. I have been travelling to my village frequently these days due to some construction I have undertaken.

The commotion which woke me up was because of a landslide which had brought down a tree and had blocked the road to our village partially. Last nights rain was torrential and it was a relief to see nothing worse happened.

I had to go out and have a look and took some photo's to show you the slide. As I shall be staying for longer periods in my village, I expect to share more photo's in the coming days.

But I hope you like these!

All photos have been touched-up using GIMP, scaled in size and taken with my mobile camera, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

The small tree which slid onto the road blocking it partially.

Another view of the same area.

A close up shot of the affected area.

You can right-click and open image in a new tab for a larger format.
All photos are free to use without attribution or copyrights.
(Though you may give me credit, if you wish!)

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Good post. Upvote and follow done.



good post



interesting your post, thank you for sharing.


You are most welcome. Thanks!

It's really sad were landslide!! But great clicks @nobu!!


It could have been worse as we have terrible landslides around here. But thanks!

Wow, glad to hear that nothing else resulted from the torrential rain in your village. Looking forward to hearing more about our home :)

nice man!!

great photograph brother...its like shimla or manali area

Always be careful before anything happens.