A Rainy Day, And A Moth!

in photography •  last year

So what is the difference between a butterfly and a moth?

It seems that a moth sits with its wings spread out while a butterfly wings are together, in the 'up' position, when they are not flying around and sitting on something!

So yesterday was a rainy day here and when I went onto my porch for a smoke, I saw a black patch in a corner. Getting closer, I realized it was a moth due to the spread out wings, and tried to take some pics.

But it was dark and I only had my trusty camera phone with a flash, so I used it to take some shots. The photo's below are two of them and I hope you like them.

All photos have been touched-up using GIMP, scaled in size and taken with my mobile camera, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

A shot of the moth on the floor

Another shot with light level modified using GIMP

You can right-click and open image in a new tab for a larger format.
All photos are free to use without attribution or copyrights.
(Though you may give me credit, if you wish!)

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Awesome dude @norbu



This submission has made it on the @MutuWhale MutuList!

Wow! What an awesome find. Moths here in Colorado are never that beautiful. Do you know what kind it is?


These are pretty creatures but I have no clue as to its name and stuff.

Such a beautiful creature!

That is one stunning moth! I've never seen a moth with such beautiful blue wings. And that's an interesting fact about how to tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth :)

thank you for your so peaceful blog!