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So yesterday I went to the island to get some stuff. This is actually my favorite place in Lagos. I love the tall building and the sea. I don't know, there is just something about being around tall buildings and water that makes me calm.

Catholic church of Christ, Lagos

This is one of my favorite building on the island. You can find out more about the building [here](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_Church_of_Christ, _lagos). There is this lady who sells these fancy slippers I like in front of the church.

I have been chastised by my mum for wearing them to important places but they are super comfy, I can't help it.

Union Bank Building

One time tallest building in West Africa. The first time I was this building I was in awe but I have seen some pretty good piece of architecture after since.

Lagos Island is one of the busiest places in Lagos. I will categorize it as the commercial hub of Lagos.

A lot of construction is still ongoing here. We would have trains running this route in a couple of years time which is necessary given that the roads here are congested. Spent 3 hours in traffic yesterday.

So that's it, guys. Hope you like my pictures. Sorry, that they lack detail. Still improving my editing skills.

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I get into trouble for wearing my slippers too
Just two days ago, I had to bring my son home early because he wasn't well and I had to haggle with school guard because I wasn't dressed proper...
I told her I have even worn them to a wedding and she kept pointing at the notice with pictures of how to dress with a big red cross on slippers hahaha
She eventually let me in and now I have to make sure I have non-slippers in my car for these situations ;p

We must fight for comfortable footwear. I don't understand his discrimination against slippers. What have these comfortable things done to anyone?! I will keep wearing them? Thanks for stopping by.

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