Difference 3 days make!

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About three days ago, the weather was beautiful. The temperature outside was a little over 20 degrees, and the sun was shinning. The photo above was taken at sunset, and as you can see, the dusty pink and blue sky is usually something associated with the summer months, and not November! One of the perks of living in Spain is actually the weather. And even though there's winter, it's not like winter in the UK or other countries in Europe.

End of November

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Since it's the end of November, winter is slowly creeping in. The photo above was taken yesterday, about an hour before sunset. The contrast between the sky three days ago and yesterday is amazing. Since it's getting cooler, (and rainy) the house is becoming cold. So during the winter months, we use a wood burner. This is really cozy and if we have the fire on from 7 or 8am for a few hours, the house stays warm throughout the day and there's no need to heat it up again until the next morning. In December, or when it's particularly cold, I usually heat up the bedroom with an electric heater before bedtime.

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The best thing about winter is sitting near the fire and read/write

Designed by the talented @dandesign86

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Wow ! Great photos

Thanks! Appreciate it :)

Wow being on Steemit and sitting infront of the fire ! That's what I call quality life style :)

Thank you! It's lovely :)