The Jockey Pub Nairobi

in photography •  last year

I remember the first time I went to The Jockey Pub at The Hilton. I was still fresh at photography & didn't have a clue what settings to use on my camera (Seems so long ago now that I think about it)


My mentor; a professional photographer and a long time friend of mine told me that when you're starting out, take as many photos as you can, some are bound to be good.


So I did, but for some reason I was drawn to the cocktails..., I know what you're thinking, but this is not the story of my alcohol fueled escapades (Let's save that for another day)

(But this guy would beg to differ)

I realized that I was taking awesome pics (By my standards at the time) when it came to the cocktails. So, like a good student I took as many as I could.
Here are my top picks, tell me what you think about it




After that I learnt three valuable lessons:

  1. The law of averages is essential for beginners, so take as many photos as possible.
  2. Don't listen to anyone who tells you real photographers only use manual settings.
  3. And maybe the most valuable lesson. Don't overdo it with the Mojitos.
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These are beautiful. Keep up.


Thank you, will definitely try

These photos are amazing. Glad to see you writing more.


Needed some clarity on what to write about

I enjoyed reading this, you are quite the story teller..


Thanks man, anxiously waiting for your posts