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Ah, the view from Mount Ainslie is just beautiful! I love our Bush Capital.

For those who are not sure what they are looking at, this is the view from Mount Ainslie, behind the War Memorial, which is where the dome is in the foreground of the picture, this is the dome on the Shrine of Rememberance. The straight road running to the lake is Anzac Parade, lined with memorials to service men and women from the various conflicts Australians have taken part in.

The lake is Lake Burley Griffin, formed by damming the Molongolo river at Scriviner.

Then we have the awful bowl where they hold outdoor concerts and events.

Moving on past this eyesore we come to the Old Parliament House, and then behind it on and in Capital Hill, we have New Parliament House. And behind them is Red Hill, then Mt Tailor framed by the Brindabella Mountains.

Yes, I have looked at this view a time or ten.


Thank you for your great comment. I always like to come back. (still in Germany 🇩🇪)


If you make it back, look me up. I will be pleased to be your tour guide.


Hope this helps with naming locations...


I'll save this in my aussie album


I hope you enjoyed your stay in our little piece of paradise.