More about Me: Nigel T. Niffler (Photographs and some back story)

So I’d like to tell you all a bit more about me, don’t worry, I won’t yammer on, just a little insight into the Niffler noggin, how I got here with you lot.

After my time at Hogwarts I admit I wasn’t really sure what to do, Professor Hagrid had been so kind to me and introduced me to my now good friend Newt Scammander, I felt like I wanted to help others. But I had signed on to move to the colonies before I had even matriculated, and I really didn’t know what I was getting into.

(Here I am first morning at the new flat, they offered me coffee, which I have learned to love, not as much as tea though)

(An early attempt at driving in American. YOU ARE ALL ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD)

When I got to where I’m currently living I could not have asked for better flatmates, both magical and non, the Muggles were a little surprised to meet me but the witch and wizard I live with couldn’t of been more thrilled.

I’d say for the first week or so I kind of just floated around helping out my new mates wandering the countryside looking for creatures that I could help because even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do I did know I wanted to help out creatures.

(My New mate got me "Tea" it was iced....yeah....He tried though)

Well besides the interesting fact that my family motto is “don’t be afraid to look down there could be shinies there, finders keepers that Shinies yours now.” It turns out that people don’t look to kindly on you just taking their coins and gems. Especially from their pockets...wallets...purses....wall safes...children's piggy banks...Alright Alright! I learned my lesson!! Its in my past now!!

So, I went out and got myself a job! A normal, mostly non magical job. I did have some friends at the ministry of magic back in London who I used to contact MACUSA in the U.S. and I was able to be placed in a shipping company. Quick note for all you Muggles out there both in the US and UK, all their shipping services are done with magic; this is including your post offices and your special EXXS and US’s. And boy was that a doozy.

(First day on the job...those sticker labels put up a good fight!)

I had never worked before. Not like that anyways. Sure burrowing down to the ground and breaking into safes, no problem! But customer service?! Pass! But I persisted and for the past year have been working alongside some amazing people getting goodies out across the world.

(After my sticker label incident, I was put on MC duty. DJ Niffy-Niffler in da house!!)

And with my very special shinies that I make from this I continue my work with conservation and protecting both magical and non-magical creatures.

Here are two cats that we have at the sanctuary, they are both nonmagical, however they do seem to have something about them that show a little bit of a special spark.



Be sure to follow me for more of my story and the creatures I help!


Naughty Nigel! Glad to see you are trying to make a go at a normal life. 😝 great pictures! Can’t wait to learn more about you and your sanctuary!

Glad to have you here in the states, Nigel! This southern Hufflepuff can't wait to see more of your adventures. ;)

Thank you!! I hope I can do you proud!

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