And it hurts me! My beloved Venezuela.

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

And the days pass; one, after another, after another.
And that great sadness does not go away.

It does not go away because you want to stay and fight for your dreams in the country that saw you grow.
It does not go away because you know you have to look for different directions if you want a better future.
It does not go away because you know you should fight for your country and for the freedom of your brothers.

I'm still here and really every day is agonizing, see how we can suffer for not having food, for not having transportation to go to work, for having fears of so much crime. It seems that we no longer live, we are destined to stay and live badly or to leave and live well but ... Very far from your family, which seems to be just as bad!

Is there someone else who happens the same?
-Do not know whether to stay in the country or once and for all to leave it.

bandera de venezuela.jpg

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Really true, you want to stay and fight against everything that we are experiencing but every day something always happens that makes it more difficult. So true, what do we do?

You do not know what to do anymore.

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