The images of malnutrition that caused indignation in the social networks of Venezuela and the World

in photography •  last year 

On May 8, 1945, decades after the liberation of Nazi concentration camps and exterminations by the Allied forces, many images of strong contents of that so-called holocaust circulated, where of the precarious conditions in which the thousands of Jews.

The morning of this May 13, 2018, comes to mind those photographs with this Venezuelan to which their fundamental rights to life decreed by the UN, are being violated and forgotten by national and local authorities.! A country where is Considered as one of the richest by the oil rent, today you see in an indifferent way these situations and we ask ourselves? Is there a humanitarian crisis? Friend reader, you can give your answer.


Place: Av Lara with av.anzoategui-Valencia, Carabobo-Venezuela



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