My latest photography obsession

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I got a new phone a few months back, an Essential PH-1. It's an Android based phone made by one of the original creators of the Android OS. The interesting thing about it is that it has two rear facing cameras, as do a lot of flagship phones now...the difference being that on the PH-1, one of the sensors is black and white. Through some techno voodoo the phone takes photos with both lenses at once and stitches them together and supposedly that makes for a better photo.

With that being said, when you set the camera to B&W uses only the B&W sensor, and therefore takes a true B&W photo...not a color photo that has been reduced to greyscale.

I understand that some people don't believe that photos taken with a phone can be considered true artistic photography.
I say bollocks... If you have good subject matter and an artistic bent you can use whatever tools you have at your disposal. I may not have fiddled around with the settings on a DSLR for 20 minutes, but I still like the results.

I have started to enjoy taking these black and white photos around dawn or dusk so there is no forelighting, and I like to do them in motion so they gain a rather haunting blur effect.


I like the etheral, surreal feeling these bring...and it tends remind me of old shoegaze album covers.




These are untouched by Photoshop, a few of them are cropped.
I have more than this, but being that this is my first real post...I will keep it short.
I hope you enjoy them.


Nice work. I say "bollocks" too that one can't use a phone to create true artistic photography!

Thank you. I understand that better tools can help your work improve, and make things simpler. I also respect the hell out of people that understand how to use a I'm still learning. But yeah... if your mind is creative, you can find any number of tools to accomplish your art.

I agree and need to remind myself constantly that although I don't have a lot of expensive equipment, I've always had an upper hand in the creativity department. So kudos to making cool stuff with what we have!!

Really enjoy most of these man, especially the eerie blurring effect on the 2nd and 4th ones. Good job!

Thank you kindly sir...I'll probably do another post with some of the others at some point.