The beauty of nature is so challenging forcing the heart to take pictures

in photography •  2 years ago

Thank you  steemit,  How are you  all of you, I pray healthy always, back again with me  @neobarrack this time I want to share a little story myself, which I  vacation in one place so very stressful. In one of the most beautiful mountains I've ever visited, looks casual but so engaging in the eyes,
Because with keindahanya my heart carried away want to take a picture of me right in the gap under the rocks.
Maybe just a little poto that I show,
Precisely tour in my city "Aceh"
So much from me for just sharing the information of natural beauty.
Until I met in another Time. 

If you understand about the challenge you sure want to take any photo of it
The risk.
Greetings family from me @neobarrack  

From the photo looks very tense I'm a bit afraid to look down. Approximately 140meter from the base 

This is my real and brave 

Keep following me.
Do not hesitate to hesitate to follow me.

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Thank :)

Thank you for sharing


Tempat yang sangat unik @neobarrack


terima kasih kawan :) @rizasukma


mungkin bisa di bantu ressteem :)

terima kasih sudah berbagi informasi @neobarrack


terima kasih bro :)

Dude, that would be a little intimidating. Did you have to climb 140 meters to get up there?