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I was listening to 2cellos in Croatia, to be exact Pula arena which is one of the largest surviving Roman arena in the World. So you can only imagine how romantic is this place for concerts :-) Of course 2cellos were amazing as always!!

First I want to show you, photos of Pula Arena, that I took.

So here are 2 photos of Arena from outside!


This photo was taken inside the Arena!

This is me and my other half ;-)

I think here we were waiting for the concert to begin....


I decided to post videos from you tube because my videos aren't that good... So here are 3 videos from you tube that are all recorded at Pula Arena. I hope you'll enjoy!

Here is a video from the concert that was made in Pula Arena in 2013, so here you can see how magical is listening to 2cellos at Pula Arena.

2cellos also shot a video for a Gladiator song, in a Pula Arena.

2cellos playing Smooth criminal.

This is all.
I hope you enjoyed.
Please upvote If you like my post. Thank you!!

Kisses Nena! :-)


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That is rad awesome! I hope I can go here one day and listen to some awesome musicians! I wish more musicians become more creative with music and let evolve even further! Great stuff!

Great post...loved it..waiting for more your photo .... @nenakrizman

Sounded great! I've never heard the original but you've definitely inspired me to check it out which I feel is one of the hidden powers of a good cover song. People who know The song can appreciate it and those who do not may discover something new because of you. The power of music! @nenakrizman

This was really nicely put @kimthanh! Thank you for the comment! And yeah...it really is the power of music....

they have some good covers indeed , voted and resteemed

Thank you @stresskiller! Yes they really have good covers.... Listening to their songs is like being in another world... :-)

Magnificent pictures @nenakrizman. The arena is super cool!
At least the smooth criminal cover is quite different from the original (naturally) but really nice! I guess it was a great night!

Thank you @runningmind for the comment!! Yeah it was really a great night!! :-)

There's a golden light on your shots!

This is the power of sunset ;-)

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