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It is the largest Island in Sao Tome and Principe, a Portuguese speaking island nation. It is located on the coast of central Africa. It has a chocolate factory where the world's best coffee can be enjoyed.

It is the largest Island in North Africa, located in southern Tunisia. It has beautiful sandy beaches with a peaceful countryside. The Berber language is spoken on the Island till today.
The small island of Nosy Be is Madagascar’s premier tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists from across the globe year round. Although Nosy Be’s beaches don’t look as picture perfect as some other beaches in the Indian Ocean, they do win points for tranquility, clear turquoise water and excellent seafood restaurants serving seafood diner on the sand.

It is a French territory that has a population of roughly 800,000 people. It is located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. The French colonized the Island in 1665 though Swahili, Arab, and Portuguese sailors all visited the Island.

This Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya. Lamu is one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa. The town comprises inner courtyards, verandas, and a beautiful wooden door. There are few vehicles on the Island because there are no roads, just alleyways, and trails.

This is the second-largest Island in Seychelles, with a population of about 6,500 people. It was notoriously known to be a hideout for sea pirates but has now transformed into a tourist destination for tourists worldwide. It is home to various hotels and resorts. There is a massive land of tropical forests with beautiful animals.

Zanzibar is the largest and most populated Island off the coast of Tanzania. The Island has been existing for centuries and is known to be an important trading centre. It is a meeting point for African, Indian, and Arab influences. The sand on the beach is white, and the sea is turquoise.

It is also known as Mwali, and it is the smallest of the three islands that make up Comoros. There are few amenities there, and the Island is underdeveloped. It is the abode to the only national park in Comoros. The park houses so many animals like whales, dolphins, etc.

It is the most famous Island of Cape Verde, located in the central Atlantic Ocean. Sal is a Portuguese word for salt. It is popular because of its sandy beaches. The town on the Island is called Santa Maria, where there are bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

Mauritius is a multicultural island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southeast of Seychelles. Mauritius is well-known for having been the only known habitat of the dodo.

Nosy be is a tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists all year round. It boasts of seafood restaurants, sandy beach, and clear turquoise water.

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