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RE: Walk with me through the streets of Lisbon, PORTUGAL (Part1)

in #photography5 years ago

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your Lisbon tour!! Such gorgeous mosaics and watching the video I thought about how great it would be to introduce these people to Steemit where they could blog about their work and gather funding to create their beautifully crafted works.

Your photos are stunning - that first one is among the very best I've seen of this much photographed view - and your stories have a lovely pace and show your perceptive, curious and humorous sensibility. I looked at this post twice :-)


That would be a brilliant idea... if only it were easier to explain steemit to others. I find it takes so much convincing and explaining.. but on the plus side, I feel I am improving my marketing skills. My "Steemit speech" gets better every time :)
Thank you so much for your support Ruth. It means a lot to me.
🎄Happy happy holidays to you🎄

It's so easy to support you :-)

And oh my goodness do I understand the convincing and explaining regarding trying to tell people of the wonders of steemit!! I haven't been too successful at bringing people here so far but I figure you can lead a horse to water, right? And it's such an amazing place, but they have to want to try at least.

Also, what brought you to Hong Kong?

I was teaching in a Montessori school :) Stayed there a few years and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to work or travel there.

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