WHAT distinguishes photos with photography and what must be improved by steemian to improve their photo posts?

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There are two different issues here.,

Photographs are uploaded as either a piece of art, where the quality is based purely on its technical skill and artistic quality, or they are posted to highlight a story or as a personal record of someones life.

Both these reasons are just as important as each other. To me personally, I love to see photos that tell a story and are very personal to the poster.  even in this case scenario, they still at least need to be clear and not blurry but their actual artistic value barely matters.

The worse problem we have here I think is not the quality but people posting other peoples pics and pics they have downloaded.,This is a huge problem on Steem.

As for people who want to improve their photography skills, there needs to be more tutorials from the many professionals who reside here. It would be nice if they could give tips and advice instead of just posting their work for others to admire.

The other thing is of course is that this is a community based blog and as such, all members can show what they like and dont like using the voting system.

Just my 2cents worth :-)

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I've realised that I don't like stock photographs very much. I would rather have a personal photograph (I nearly wrote real photograph) in a story, however poorly taken or composed.
Photographers giving some insights into their work is a really good idea - similar to how #artexplosion and #needleworkmonday works.


Yes, the photographers on here could at least explain the pictures, how they were taken, the thinking behind them but I've never seen that happen.
The artists here do some fantastic tutorials and step by steps.
Its still August..........;-)

I also feel the same thing, it is very disturbing with the presence of pictures of plagiarism and taking photos that are not the work of my own, this is not creative.

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