Alone in the Forest

in #photography6 years ago

One of my favorite things to do is hike alone... Hiking with friends has a lot of advantages and the camaraderie can't be beat but there's something about being alone in the forest that clears your mind of all life's little troubles. I try to do it as often as I can, which ends up being not often enough because having friends along is the much easier thing to do.

On this particular day the weather was really bizarre with snow, rain, sun, and just about everything in-between. It was also the middle of September which around here, is the tail end of summer so to see snow was an interesting surprise. I was hiking along a trail at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and in-between snow showers, the mist and fog swirled around the hill side unveiling this beautiful scene. Photos of trails has become somewhat of my calling card. I guess you could say it is "my thing" but I just love taking photos of the trails I'm on to capture the experience, nothing more and nothing less.

I'm thinking about creating a series called something like "Trail Tuesday" where I showcase what trails I've been on during the week and possibly get the community involved as well! I would love to see the trails everyone has gone on throughout the week! The outdoor niche here is robust and really involved and I'd love to contribute in some way and would love to hear your thoughts.



Sweet mist, love this. Resteemed!

Thank you so much!!

That's a nice photo you took that yourself

Thank you! I did take it myself :)

Nice keep venturing

amazing image!

Thanks mate! Really appreciate it

I'd be stoked on trail tuesdays

Yessss! I'm making it happen this week

Pretty spot. I agree - i like hiking alone too. No one yelling at me...'don't you have enough pictures!" :)

Thanks man! Luckily I hike mostly with photographers so I don't get that too often but it sure is nice to be alone with your thoughts out there

wow. excellent mood and composition! congrats my dear friend

then got this feeling something is watching you your ears perk up. could be your imagination or could be a real predator.

That fog is amazing! Epic Nate

Thanks so much man!

Great photo! I love how the fog makes it all look so ethereal .

Thank you! The fog was so crazy that day, definitely felt like a dream at some points

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