The Wonder of Nature in Southern Indiana

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I have spent three truly amazing vacations with @nat5an since we had children. This one took third place. We spent a weekend in a cabin in Southern Indiana in Winter. It had a wood fireplace, hot tub and fire pit. And @nat5an's smile. Gah. I love it.

Uh, in case you haven't figured it out, it' s @shawnamawna here continuing a takeover of my love's account. I mean, if he's not using it, someone should. Right?


The cabin grounds had lots of character, and @nat5an was growing out his beard. The combination made for many amazing photos, some of which I will share in another post. Here, I want to show you some of what we saw as we quietly wandered about.


I had a lot of fun working with the different focal settings on my phone, but mostly I was enraptured by the color so late in the season.


What they say about the weather in Indiana is, if you don't like it, wait 24 hours. I've also heard wait 15 minutes. Some days that's accurate. Here is grass growing in the "dead" of Winter.


All the tendrils coming up from the moss were spectacular in person. I petted them for quite awhile before Nathan was able to get me to move on.


This ranks in my top three because it was quiet, secluded and beautiful. I was able to fully relax with my partner. With kids around, that simply doesn't happen. I hope to return to this spot someday with my "real" camera. We didn't get to spend much time at the fully stocked fishing pond or on the trails. We ended up exploring the board games in the cabin and snuggling up to read or eat. It was wonderful.

What is/was your dream vacation?

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I love too the wonderful of nature, when it shows you the best of it, you can have your phone or camera and take some amazing pictures.

Amazing nature wild @nat5an

Woow awesome photo dear @nat5an thanks for sharing