Little Girl in the Big Yard

in #photography4 years ago

It has been just about a year since we moved to this house. These images are from our days settling in when we were all getting to know the property and adjusting to the beauty and wonder of having space. The yard had everything.

A swing:


Woods and sticks for fort building:


A creek:


Even a magical fairy house:


To get to the fairy house, you have to climb over a massive fallen, moss covered log. But the wonders don't cease there. This truly is the place of dreams. It has a hot tub, a fire pit, climbing trees and a small pond with fish and frogs just across our property line.

I'll save what's inside the house for another post.

What dreams are realized where you live?

images and post by @shawnamawna


What is she swinging on

It’s a plastic disc hanging from a tree branch.

She is so little and cute

Thank you. This was a year ago but she is still small and adorable. 😍

That looks like an amazing place to raise kids. Great pics

Thank you. It is amazing so far. 😊

its Beautiful dear thanks for sharing keep it up i follow you

Thank you!

You didn't mention the little girl's name. she's very pretty. (I like the third picture; the one at the creek)
I love the house, especially the open space. It's no wonder you write a lot of poems - you've got the perfect magical place.

Curious to see the inside so I'll follow

I see she likes the place so much. Following for the next post and experience the house inside.

Good reminder that I was going to post on that! Thank you.

These pictures are so peaceful.

It has been such a shift in our daily lives.

Thank you. We love our kiddos.