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There is a beautiful preserve not far from our home. When we hike, we love to walk the loop of this preserve because it takes you from cave to waterfall to forest to marsh to open fields to evergreen forest to meadow. It is the kind of beauty that brims the heart with peace.


As I was searching through images to share, I found these few from a walk there. Sun. Light. Life. And the progression of seasons into rest for rebirth.


It was a magical walk for the children. In fact, there are no clear shots of them as they were running from one discovery to the next.


I look forward to hiking again there soon. There is one spot where the community has been constructing a shelter out of fallen branches. It's fun to add to and play in each time we pass.

images and post by @shawnamawna

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Whoa..never seen that before..i love seeing Nature that I've never seen. It reminds me that there is so much I haven't seen in the world. Will be checking for your next amazing pics of Mother Nature. Great Eye!!....H

Awesome post dear keep it up I follow you hope you will share more