God's Own Country

in #photography4 years ago

A Visit to the Southern State of India....Kerala.....Absolutely Amazing place.

Check out the pics from the trip and let me know your thoughts.

kerala 12.jpg

Athirappilly Falls, Kerala, India.
This is one of the toughest shots I have taken so far... standing with the tripod on slippery rocks right down in front of the waterfalls (though it looks far in this wide-angle image), with strong wind splashing water all around... quite thrilling though

kerala 33.jpg
Moody lake...

Mattupetty Lake in Munnar, Kerala, India.

go green.jpg
Go Green...

A tourist bus goes up the mist covered mountain in Munnar, Kerala. Tea Estates are in the foreground.

trees kt.jpg

Lost and Found...

Mist covers the mountain in Munnar, Kerala. Munnar is a hill station covered with tea plantations in the Western Ghats range of mountains, at around 1,600m (5,200ft) above sea level. Mist & Rain are common in Munnar during the monsoon season.

green church.jpg

Green Church...

A small green church in the midst of mist covered mountains in Munnar, Kerala.


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I loved Munnar- really beautiful place with a great temperature. I thought Yorkshire was Gods own country though and did ask a restaurant owner in Varkala about this...

It is indeed a beautiful place @sophie.. hope you had a good stay there. Will be soon uploading few more pics from my trip to Kerala :)