Fishing in Tangse river, Aceh

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Fishing will drown yourself with beautiful scenery on the Tangse river.

If you are fishing in the sea, but can not stand the shock of the waves, then enjoy the calm waters of the Tangse river with the convenience of fishing grounds.

Clear streams and calm water flowing and beautiful scenery tempt anglers to come and play here.


Great photos!! I LOVE fishing, I grew up fishing with my dad. Such a fun past time, I didn't really like eating the fish when I was younger, but love to eat fish now!

Thank you friend.
Wow .. you also like fishing. Very good, fish is very good to eat, because it contains lots of protein

You are very welcome! Yes fish is very healthy for you! :)

Nice Picture nandaibra ! :D
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Thanks for your comment.
Make sure I will join :-)

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