The Most Beautiful Objects "Butterfly With Glass Wings"

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butterfly is similar to other butterflies but its wings are very transparent, but the wings have black and orange veins and joints, but the other butterflies use the many colors in the wings to hide or terrorize the enemies. This distinctive butterfly uses its wings to hide itself From the enemies, and without the existence of those veins and lines would have been that the butterfly is not visible at all to the human eye.


The transparent body of these objects is very complicated because the composition of the body requires special tissues with a chemical composition so as not to absorb the sun's rays to see the accuracy of the manufacture in those butterflies, but there is an important problem is the reflection of sunlight on those wings and this makes them appear more and see them well.

Human vision of the glass-winged butterfly:
Doctors confirm that the human body has some chemical and bilogic compounds that help to see the reflections of sunlight on the wings of these butterflies and thus be more visible to humans than other organisms.
"The butterfly of the glass wings" threatened to extinction:
confirms the most important researchers in the science of insects, "Jennifer Edison," that the platoon of which many forms and colors, but unfortunately extinct years ago and the remaining is now threatened to extinction because of the constant hunting of those butterflies or devouring their enemies.
Many natural scientists are looking for solutions to prevent the extinction of these attractive butterflies, some of them put strains of the butterfly in nature reserves with a climate suitable for its stability and reproduction to eliminate the possibility of extinction This gives a greater chance for these scientists to follow the life of the butterfly and gain more information And to help them to take care of them to reproduce and not leave them to those reserves and live elsewhere

Features of the butterfly glass wings:

1. Researchers believe that the "butterfly-wing glass" is characterized by special strength of their wings in addition to their flexibility is high compared to any kind of butterflies we know.
2 - The butterfly is characterized by its skills in laying eggs on some plants or poisonous flowers and this is because the appearance of these larvae is very tempting to many birds and insects, but their presence on these poisonous plants protects them from those enemies.

Glass butterfly butterfly locations:

These butterflies live in rainforests in Mexico , Central America, Panama or South America. They are looking for a humid environment away from high temperatures and the sun's rays that affect them as well as their food places and plants where their larvae are placed.

Mating in the life of the butterfly glass wings:

mating in the life of those beings with a thin appearance like nature is in the afternoon and over the course of hours at this time, the gathering of males in a nice display shows each of their abilities with one of his wings that have the colors and form wonderful to attract this Females and then select each female male appropriate and best in this presentation.



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