A beautiful day for photographing (flowers, tree, sun, my dog) 😍 😎 😋 😊

in photography •  6 months ago

It was a beautiful day today so I took some photos with my smartphone and some of them are actually really great. I decided to put some of them in this post to share them with you. I really love photographing and everything that is related to it, but I don't have a camera yet, but someday I will, definitely. The camera will be a great "tool" to upgrade my passion.

I changed my current computer-background with this 1. photo and it looks so amazing. => Hmmm. If you wanna know, if your photo is (really) good, put it for the background (on the computer/phone) and then you will know almost for sure. 😆😆😆
Well, I didn't do that for the rest of these photos yet, but I think that most of them would be pretty good. I will try them later.

I am improving myself as much as I can with my smartphone, so these pictures aren't so good as the professional ones, obviously, but right now I don't have another choice. I am having a fun time and that is for me the most important.

What do you think of these photos? Let me know, I would appreciate it. 😸 😊





















Thanks for your time. 💙 I hope you will like this post. 😊 You can follow me for more posts about animals and other stuff and pictures as well. 😎 Enjoy life and see you soon. 😍

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well, congrats for the pics! I honestly think it is surprising you are able to shoot this kind of pic with just a smartphone. If I may ask, which smartphone is it? I would definitely try to fund a camera with your post, as @astrophoto.kevin suggested


Thank you so much. :D Really happy to "hear" that. Yeah, of course => it's Samsung Galaxy S6 and I have it for 3 years now. I like it very much, that's why I haven't change it yet. :D Soon, there will be Samsung Galaxy S10 :D :D

Great shots @mystic-creature and such a lovely dog :-)
Maybe you can use your posts to fund a camera?


I was/am thinking the same as well. :)

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