Mobile Photography Series Project [BACK LOG] 16 - England from the hotel - Aerial through hotel window

in photography •  last year  (edited)

I wish I've got more active on steemit - earlier this year I was living in Kazakhstan, had more time, pretty much all days I spent at home - Steem was one of few ways for me to kill time I was on with my projects on Steem, however since I came back to England things go a lot slower - reason behind it is that, I'm fully focused on my projects - my little company which I've started not long time ago and my photography.... I want to go with that mobile photography series, but since I'm not that active I believe it will take longer than I thought.... Well sometimes as social media are good we need to be out of it and do our stuff in every day life, and that is what I do.....

I'm still waiting for things coming up this year - Steemfest 3 in Krakow - this is something what gets me excite to feel like a host in my home country, see all familiar faces there....

I'll be throwing more images until I get into my recent stuff... Same thing happening with my professional work... As I want to tell about my though process how I build my photography skills in mobile photography and professional photography is necessary to showcase everything - even those bad images. ..

Typical england - Birmingham

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