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Spotted this big Bush Katydid "hiding" on the rose bushes after returning from a trip. With the shutter down, it would indeed appear to be a good hiding spot for this nocturnal predator: nice leaf cover and a wall. Then opening the window caused it to become a very poor hiding place as the wall effectively disappeared!

I love the detail, you can almost see its annoyance at having to find a new place to rest!

Click to view the images larger!


Cool bug photography :) ... sometimes it is not easy to get them :) But when sun is strong out then they sit longer and then it is better to take pictures. But this is cool small nature photos ... and it have BIG EYES :)))

What a look! Cool macro!

Hey! Thanks mate!

Before I read your text, when I saw the first photo I wanted to say, that he is coming towards you looking very angry ;)
The photos are great - that detail shot of the eyes is amazing 😊

Thank you very much! I'm glad to have been able to communicate that with just the picture. :)

My pleasure, you're welcome - you did a real good job, because he looks so very angry as he comes up to you 😎

This thing looks angry 😁

Well, I did ruin it's hiding spot!

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