Late Autumn Ladybird!

in #photography5 years ago

This past weekend I enjoyed a late autumn BBQ in the park with my family and friends. Fortunately, I brought along the camera and the macro lens and was able to capture this Ladybird as it crawled about on a fallen leaf!

I hope this brightened your day as much as when I found the little one bumbling about on the leaves!

Bonus jumping spider!
This one was spotted on an about to be grilled mushroom, and safely transported to the fabric of the tent!

Have a great day!


Excellent macro as always, buddy! 😀👍

very cool macro. thank you for this amazing capture!

(did you used focus stacking to get this GRIP and detalisation? really amazing!)

Thank you @qwerrie! Both photos, the ladybird and the spider are single frames at f10 and f9 respectively. I didn't even have a flash with me! Just very careful use of the extremely narrow depth of field. These were the two shots with the focus in the right area out of about 30 more where it just wasn't there.

Thanks @ace108 I hope I can maintain it for a bit! I do have a few posts planned. :)

You're welcome.
It's good to have a plan.😎

Beautiful photography

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Thank you @shuvo35, it's always nice to read supportive comments!

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