Coffee Bean!

in #photography4 years ago


A great source of the world's most consumed psychoactive substance: caffeine!

What's your favourite way to consume caffeine?
I'm partial to a nice cafe latte, though tea is very nice too from time to time.

This is a crosspost or repost of my own post to the photography community so please don't flag it for plagiarism!
Still experimenting with the communities thing.

How is you experience with it?


How you doing?
I wish communities would have launched a few years ago. At the moment I just continue to post to my regular blog.

I'm doing alright. This is the start of a small series of photos.

Yeah, communities would have been better before but they are here now.
Hopefully, they'll catch on or make it so steemit appeals to more people.

Amazing.. how are you my friend

Oh, hey, long time no see.
I'm doing alright though I haven't been active on Steemit or Hive recently. I should get posting again. Lots of little macro friends are out and about. I hope you are doing well!

Yes, I'm fine. I have now started playing in hive. Let's play there. Maybe it can make us happier.

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