Cellphone Photography #017: Dragonflies- Most Successful Predator In Animal Kingdom

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Recently I've visited Barishal my home town, the place I love most! Whenever I go home I do Capture many pictures for my blog but this time it was really difficult to find something to capture at my cell due to rain day long. So I've decided to find something what is close to me in between rain interval!

I do love little objects as my photography but it is more difficult to capture while the object is moving and afraid of me!!!

Dragonflies are insects have the history of 300 million years! So they are one of the first insects to inhabit in this planet.

pure black! look at the hindwing & forewing each of them has a black spot made the fly more beautiful!

I found few beautiful Dragonflies moving around but I found myself in danger as there were too many mosquitoes and it is the season of Dengue Fever and hundreds already died across the country this year! and it could be thousands around the world. Although, as per government the affected number crossed 70K and died 57 in Bangladesh so far this year as per News Reference


Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata & most successful predator in animal kingdom. It could capture 90-95% of the prey where the great white shark's successive rate is 50%!


Can you imagine these beautiful insects life cycle is only six months.

I have found some unknown & interesting fact of Dragonflies and those are as below:

Dragonflies could move their wings separately & independently.

When you see the Dragonflie's head you are seeing its eyes which allows it to cover nearly 360° angle.

Dragonflies described as "exceptional predators"

It took hours to capture these amazing creatures! Three three Dragonflies found at three different places and each of them was flying around.


Let's have a quick look of a short film "The Secret World of Dragonflies" |Short Film Showcase| from National Geography Channel.

Hope you like this post!

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Picture Taken By: Samsung Galaxy A50
Location: Barishal, Bangladesh

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I like Dragonflies, thanks for the photo

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Great pieces of photography. Love it.

I'm glad! Really appreciate your comments!