Cellphone Photography #001: The Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

in #photographylast year

Hi I'm going to start a new Series called "Cellphon Photography" & it will be combination of my initial Series what didn't pass their tenth episode!

I hope this time I'll able to continue! Let's check it out the very first one!

hello it's selfie time

let's call this 69 ?!

affection doesn't have age

I believe the following one was one of the very first one of the Series, let's check it out Sudden Capture and the another one call Butterfly: Mobile Photography and even this one Dragonfly: Mobile Photography

I would like to continue this series and hope I'll have your support here! Please let me know how I'm doing in the comments section.


Have a good one!

Device: Samsung Galaxy A50
Location: Gazipur, Bangladesh

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