The Icicles in the Morning Cold

in #photography6 years ago

While going for a beautiful, snowy walk in Kiev a few days ago, I couldn't resists the deep temptation to bring out my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and try taking some successful photos. Some of them turned out pretty good:

There is no such thing as a Soviet living complex without meter-long icicles hanging above and, if broken, can kill a person =( (Let's hope they don't)

This one illustrates the grey landscape, so I put it in black & white

Thick and strong ice signifies a cold and heavy winter before us

And last but not least: What is winter without a Lada with an open window? No... There is no winter without this

I hope you liked it! Best,



wow. It is very cold in your place. I wish somedat I can see snow because here in our country it doesn't snow very nice photography my friend because of that @finecooking upvoted you 10.88 percent and I will also follow you if you wish you can also visit my articles and do the same for me thanks.

after seeing this,, now i am feeling cold .. awesome photos

Merry Christmas!🎄

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