Sea & Forest & Sunset (English/Turkish)

in photography •  6 months ago

Yesterday I went for a walk on the Black Sea coast. I took a lot of pictures during the walk. I would like to share with you the ones I have chosen among these photographs.

The Black Sea coast is quite rocky in some regions. I like to take pictures of these rocky areas on the steep slopes.


Now that September has arrived, the beaches are empty. The unmanned beaches have a sad atmosphere.


As I walked on the rocks, I found flowers blooming in the rocks. They didn't need the soil.


I took a short forest walk along the cost.


On the way back, the sun set behind the trees.


Thanks for reading.


Deniz & Orman & Günbatımı

Dün Karadeniz kıyısına yürüyüşe gittim. Yürüyüş sırasında çok sayıda fotoğraf çektim. Bu fotoğraflar arasından seçtiklerimi sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum.

Karadeniz kıyısı bazı bölgelerde oldukça kayalık. Dik yamaçlardan bu kayalık bölgelerin fotoğrafını çekmek hoşuma gidiyor.

Eylül ayı geldiği için artık kumsallar boşalmaya başladı. İnsansız kumsalların hüzünlü bir atmosferi oluyor.

Kayalıkların üzerinde yürürken kayaların içinde yeşermiş çiçeklere rastladım. Toprağa ihtiyaç duymamışlar.

Karadeniz kıyısına gitmişken kısa bir orman yürüyüşü de yaptım.

Dönüş yolunda ağaçların ardında güneş batıyordu.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.

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Çok güzelmiş, burası neresi tam olarak?


Kilyos civarı. Ilk foto ise Ağva'dan

Its really relaxing to the eye if we see a photo with stunning scenery, how much more if we are there in the scene, breathing fresh air and listening to the sound of silence.

lovely views

wonderful photos


Realmente un lugar hermoso😍

wow what a picture.
i wish if i can visit it!!!

Amazing colours and magnificent view :)

//hem dehşet hem güzel nasıl oluyor bilmiyorum ama :)
İlk fotoğraf dehşet güzelmiş.


Benim de favorim oydu. O nedenle kapak fotosu yaptım.

Great view @muratkbesiroglu

Thanks for sharing it

It looks like your on the other shore of the Black-Sea

For this awesome view maybe it would fit music like this one i've composed and played on turkish ney!/@luciannagy/20180723t140648368z-my-saba-saz-semaisi-composition-on-turkish-ney-by-lucian-nagy



That'a very pleasant music.
love to hear more from you


All images are beautiful and well shot, I do like the first one most though and do not think this beach looks sad - I would prefer it this way :)

Mesmerizing views, you are lucky enough to witness it:) keep flourishing!

It must be lovely to walk on a deserted beach. I'm guessing it's not too cold yet to enjoy it, and the views are beautiful.

Great post
Stunning photograph moments captured by u outstanding
Especially the cover photo is stunning
I like all photos
I really appreciate your efforts and hardwork.
Keep updating us like this extraordinary blogs

You have done good click,
It is very good combination of sea,forest&sunset
I like it.

Your photos are very impressive! You are very good in angles as well as choice of motif. Thanks for sharing, They are inspiring!

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Thank you😃


You are welcome.. hope to be able to read your sci-fi novels soon.

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All the image is beautifull.photographer shots all the image exactly.

Wow your photo was really nice and that place is amazing!

I love the photos; especially the first one. Beautiful colors. Spectacular! Makes me wish I could be near the ocean. Thank you for sharing.

Wow you really clicked great picture thanks for sharing with us @muratkbesiroglu

Stunning pictures! I had the pleasure to visit your beautiful country with my parents back in 1993 and I've seen places such as Patara and Pammukale. Keep up the good work!

I like the picture with the sun setting behind the trees the most. It moves my spirit. Thanks for posting such lovely pics.

Your post was pretty impressive to me. I really have learned a lot through your post.I love your blog

Stunning .. brilliant, super, great.
Travel is a lively college, suitable for you
Well performed on the images .. for extra creativity.

Nice pictures with good scenery

wow dear such a great picture full fill to natural beauty and your photography so awesome like a wallpeper. great job dear

Piękne krajobrazy. Gratuluję.

nature is divine of earth ; and the pics are alluring, i wish to visit charming place

Wow just amazing pictures, sea blue, sunset view looks beautiful to see.
Congratulations for clicking some stunning photographs, really refreshing.

Good photos and a nice selection of the varying landscapes.

These are excellent photos giving me lots of energy,freshness and quiet calmness for the end of a busy day!

Yours in meditation!

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Thank you :)

Her gün biraz daha betonlaştırırken dünyayı yakın zamanda huzuru böyle doğa fotoğlarında arayacağız sanırım...
Güzel kareler yakalayıp bizimle paylaştığınız için teşekkürler...


Teşekkürler :)

nature is one of the most beautiful things on earth,we have to take care of her

wow. Nice travel blog

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wow what a lovely view. can you post more photo.

photography was really amazing.... i see story in your every pics.. very beautiful, i appreciate your photography..


Thank you :)

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awesome photo shots!
beautiful locations!



-edga NOWARGraffitis

Lovely images, congratulations

Turkey's has such a beautiful place all around. First Datca ,now Black Sea.Thank you for great posts.


Thank you 👍🤠

Espectacular vista

Maşa allah. Çok güzelmiş

Beautiful photos. The first is magnificent, with bright colors and a beautiful landscape. My only doubt was: why in September the beaches are left alone?


Some beaches around İstanbul are crowded. The one I took the photo was unmanned. The first was also my favorite.

Thank You, pictures are beautiful.👍🏻

Beautiful shots, I also try to make known those places that make me love nature and make me happy, you can visit my profile.

nice view, keep my dream to see outside world

Wow wonderful a Vote and Resteem you thanks dear

Wow amazing.

Why are the beaches empty?

I'm from Bulgaria and i would love to visit the small gulf on the first photo if you share the location. Here we also have beautiful places on the Black Sea Coast but sadly fewer and fewer remain untouched by human buildings.

i must admit that you got an eye for photography

Wow..Outstanding photography.
You've done a lot of good photography. Natural and fresh photography. Every photograph is really awesome. I liked it.

Very beautiful photos. The place looks very nice and peaceful. The color of the sea and the trees, nature is great!


Thank you🤠🤠

Hi! Wonderful posting.

nice photo capture i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk

nice photo capture i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk

A natural beauty

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