Atatürk Botanical Garden - Istanbul

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I visited the Atatürk Arboretum in the Belgrade forest located in Istanbul last week. I'd like to share the photos I took with you.

It is pleasant to walk on roads with trees on either side.


There is a fountain near the entrance.


There are boards that inform visitors about trees in various parts of the park.


There's a lake in the park.


Some trees are colorful.


This observation tower reminded me of Lost series.


An old tree...


There are plenty of trees as expected.


Although the season is winter, the environment is lively.


The trees that shed their leaves have a distinct beauty.


The trees with curved branches look more photogenic.


Thanks for reading.

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very nice that park

Thank you

I've been to Istanbul many years ago but I could not get opportunity to visit the place. The pictures you shared with us are very beautiful, thanks for sharing nice photographs.

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Fine and fine!!

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Beautiful way

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The view is just amazing (:

woohoo a you post 🐉💖🐲:D so fab , massive entry picture, i like the framing and texture you have going, gives a magical feel :)
I so agree with you, curved tree branches is a deligt to see & show.
Thanks for bringing us🐉💖🐲

Nice place

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Güzel fotolar.

Beautiful photos!

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Looks wonderful and serene

Thank you for the stroll through the park.

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wow..really nice

Muy lindas fotos, tenemos que tomar mas en cuenta cuidar nuestro planeta que es nuestro hogar si queremos seguir disfrutando de la espectacular belleza del mismo.