The Tickshaws Were Impressive

in photography •  last year 

Good morning Steemit friends all hope we are healthy and always in his protection.


On this occasion I told a little about my experience as a pedicab driver. In the past 2 months I had been a pedicab driver, and before I started working on transporting goods with tricycles, I first invited my friends to eat to the beach.


Because we know that, as much as anything we donate to others with sincerity, then also a lot of sustenance that increases to us, What is important what our work, we must be grateful and sincere of what the Almighty has desired.

But now I am no longer working as a becak driver, because my friend has invited me to work in coffee shop, and wherever we work that is very important is to seek a halal sustenance, whatever our work. Maybe my sustenance is already destined in the corner of coffee.

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